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Whether you're a parent or professional, and whatever brought you here, welcome. I'm Elaine Nicholls, an adoptive parent and an NVR advanced practitioner. There's more information about me, and my journey with NVR, on the 'about me' page.

NVR stands for non-violent resistance. It's a parenting approach designed to help parents and carers to build or rebuild healthy parent/child relationships where children and young people behave in ways that put themselves or others at risk, and where parents feel helpless to do anything to change things.

The approach is becoming well known among parents and professionals who deal with child to parent violence, aggression, coercion and control. But NVR is also being used to effectively support families where children and young people are struggling with severe anxiety or other difficulties that have developed into a situation where children and young people are unable to access their communities or move forward in their development, and parents just don't know what to do or how to help.

Elements of NVR are increasingly being used in 'ordinary' families, where things are going okay but parents want to build strong healthy collaborative relationships with their children, to position themselves as a secure base, a firm anchor that will hold during the stormy times. 

From both personal and professional experience, I can tell you that whatever difficulties you're experiencing with challenging behaviours, or with high needs that threaten to overwhelm the family, NVR can help. If you're doing okay right now but want to build stronger more connected relationships, or you want to get prepared for the potentially turbulent adolescent years, NVR can help.

Click on the NVR map and head over to NVR informed North East where you'll find a detailed description of all of the core elements of the approach. NVR informed North East is a group of parent practitioners delivering NVR informed training and support across the North East of England. From the links on the menu bar above, you'll also find lots of information and resources on NVR on a range of relevant topics, and a regularly updated blog that's worth a read.

If you want to talk through whether NVR is right for your family, or for a family you're supporting, drop me an email at or use the form on the contact page. Always happy to chat things through.

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